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Learn more about my background as an SEO Content Writer and a Blogger

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Hey there! My name is Beeha Rafiq, and I’m a business student, a writer, a blogger — and a Potterhead!

As an SEO Content Writer with over two years of industry experience, I bring a unique and imaginative perspective to the field.

You could say I’ve been around the block. I’ve worked with several local and international clients, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and digital and content marketing agencies.

With my copywriting skills, I help businesses chase their goals: grow traffic, engagement, and sales.

You Can Make Anything By Writing

C.S. Lewis

My Writing Journey

My passion for writing was a hidden talent, cultivated from an early age but uncovered through a serendipitous journey of curiosity and self-discovery.

In the early stages of my career, I embarked on a journey of constant learning and growth. Though the path was not always easy, I found the experience immensely fulfilling, driven by my love for writing and creative challenge.

This approach has resulted in a diverse portfolio, as I always took advantage of an opportunity, no matter how small or underpaid. These formative experiences fueled my passion and provided the contentment necessary to continue my journey.

Today, I am driven by the thrill of creating high-quality, engaging content that drives measurable results.

Why Me?

I'm an expert in going beyond boring ol' blogs, cookie-cutter outlines, clunky keywords, and fluff-in-the-wordcount writing to craft content that skyrockets your search rankings, engages your readers, and ultimately helps you reel in more customers than you can shake a stick at!  *Wink Wink*

Results I've Helped My Clients Achieve!

I've helped one blogger garner 12000+ website visits with just one blog post.

With my website content, a digital marketing agency is generating more $$$$$.

A healthcare site trusts me with authoritative, fact-based, and insightful content.

I have a 100% client retention rate for my quality services.

My Writing Process

Ready to see these skills in action? Check out some of the finest work in my portfolio.

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I Don't Want To Toot My Own Horn...

…so I’ll let other people do it for me. Here’s what a few past and present clients have to say about my services.

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